Quirks one might Question

1. One of the techniques I learned in therapy was this: in order to access a greater love for yourself than you could find elsewhere, to write letters TO yourself from that source of love. To me, that was God. I didn’t know many other people who practiced such techniques until I read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. She does the exact same thing, and when I read her words I felt pure validation, and practically yelped and leaped into the air. Which proved a bit disruptive as I was 35,000 feet above the earth at the time. Love exists for us all, and we all have access to it. This is the way I reached out for love when I could not find it anywhere around me, or within me. Doing so saved my life more than once, in so many ways.

2. I was raised Mormon, and so most of my pleadings with God tend to be in language I learned to speak to him in. Call it habit, call it my comfort zone, but when I’m desperately needing communication from anyone that can give me answers, I lean into those tendencies when I’m looking to connect with powers greater than myself. But underneath the formality of words, I hope you can feel the intense sincerity.

3. Something that I have learned to believe even more than I did before, is the existence of the Spiritual World. That none of us just disappear forever. I believe and feel the presence of those around me that I cannot see. I know we are not forgotten nor are we left unprotected and alone. And they do not stand silent, either. We are all connected; those that have come before us, those that we carry with us, those that we have lost, and those that stand in front of us. An unbroken chain of bleeding hearts and mending wounds. Everything we do affects us all, binds us all, and frees us all.

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