Humbled And Head-Bowed

as written October 30, 2013 I am grieving the hiatus of my health. In mere moments, my entire world shrunk in scope to the size of one more spoonful of food I was terrified to eat. Trying to re-open to my once vast world from a rigid cocoon of loss and despair, has been almost […]

Help Me

as written October 10, 2013 Dear Lord… What is wrong with me??? I thought I was getting better, and then last night happened. Worst hours in a week. Am I really getting better? I am giving everything I have to choosing faith over fear, and I am stronger than I was a couple weeks ago. […]


as read October 2, 2013 “My amazing HOYH sisters, I’m reaching out to you all at this time to ask for your help. Monica, Founder and rock of our program, who we miss so much since her move to the east coast, has been sick for the past few weeks, and has been very slow […]

And There Is My Work

as written July 23, 2013 The last part of my Yoga Therapy Teacher Training included a capstone one-on-one session with Carrie – and as a goodbye, a soul-deep thank you, I presented her with one of the books I made, with wood (rooting) on the outside and plexi gass technique (veins and internal heart) on […]

The First Goodbye

as written June 8, 2013 This was a really, really difficult thing for me to do. I had to tell work that I am choosing to leave. That I’m choosing to not accept the offer made to me by our now parent company who acquired us just a week ago. That I’m moving on. I […]

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