The Burnt Fields

as written November 7, 2013 I asked the question, “Where in my heart has this trial been?” and instantly the imagery appeared: An endless vast field, burnt to the ground. The haze of orange fire on the horizon, smoke choking the sky and searing my lungs, driving my body to the ground. The sharp, pale, […]

The Stay

After a month of sickness and soul-deep darkness that I couldn’t fight, all my body wanted to do was sleep. More and more, as I gave in to not eating or drinking. My body heated and sweat and cooled off, symptoms wracked through and my mind left me homeless on a street in a far […]

Things That Go Bump In The Night

as written April 2, 2013 A lot of thoughts and feelings, these days. I find I am very open…not raw, per se…just – sensitively open. I am touched easily and often by gratitude and yet also my stress rises in a very unwelcome way. My place of work has become very high stress, so much […]

A Thesis

as written and sent June 6, 2012 My good friend Coo was working on his thesis for his graduate program, and asked me to contribute to it. Ultimately, he wants to publish his work and I have no doubt that he will – and that it needs to be. I am grateful he asked me […]

We All Ride

as written May 17, 2012 We all ride our white horses of death into the arena; nostrils flaring and blood dripping… And the horses go by different names. Mine was addiction. My detail, was addiction. There’s Cancer and Disability and Tragedy and Disease and Infertility and and and and. We all ride.¬†Different details, same truths. […]

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