Humbled And Head-Bowed

as written October 30, 2013 I am grieving the hiatus of my health. In mere moments, my entire world shrunk in scope to the size of one more spoonful of food I was terrified to eat. Trying to re-open to my once vast world from a rigid cocoon of loss and despair, has been almost […]

The Stay

After a month of sickness and soul-deep darkness that I couldn’t fight, all my body wanted to do was sleep. More and more, as I gave in to not eating or drinking. My body heated and sweat and cooled off, symptoms wracked through and my mind left me homeless on a street in a far […]

The Decision To Doctor

as written October 23, 2013 Dear Lord… It has been four weeks, four days and some-odd hours since I have been beset by this sickness. Add to that another two and half weeks before that feeling not-so-good, and we’ve got nearly two months of this. After trying as hard as I had inside me, and […]

Help Me

as written October 10, 2013 Dear Lord… What is wrong with me??? I thought I was getting better, and then last night happened. Worst hours in a week. Am I really getting better? I am giving everything I have to choosing faith over fear, and I am stronger than I was a couple weeks ago. […]

Cross Country Grief

as written October 1, 2013 It just hit me, as I struggle daily now with a persistent depression (and my judgment of it), I am in grief. I am (at least part of this) is grieving my life I had, and that I no longer have it. I am grieving the established existence I created for myself, […]

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