Natural Flights

as read November 6, 2013 The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure, but from hope to hope. –Samuel Johnson “A truly powerful force in the universe is that of optimism. Optimism lies at the root of our mental and physical health. Feelings of hope can stimulate the body’s immune system […]

In Hiding

as read October 11, 2013 If you want to be found, stand where the seeker seeks.–Sidney Lanier. “When does a good program turn into a bad program? When it becomes a hiding place. As adult children, we are good – no, ingenious – at finding hiding places. Sometimes we hide behind our work by staying […]


as read October 5, 2013 “‘Look, the wind vane fluttering in the autumn breeze takes hold of certain things that cannot be held.’ –Feng Chih. When we think we are losing our grip, we have good reason to look up. Consider the moon suspended in the sky, how it continues to come and go, follows its […]

Night Light

as read October 2, 2013 “‘The seed of God is in us. Pear seeds grow into pear trees, nut seeds into nut trees, and God seeds into God.’–Meister Eckhart. Often we may feel critical and judgmental about our maturity or personality. When we read we have God seeds within us, we may find that difficult […]

If The Beast Starts Roaring

as read September 27, 2013 “Let go of the fear. Feel it, and then breathe it out. Let go of the frustration, the overwhelmed feelings, and the panic. Quiet yourself. Then pick one task, one simple thing to do. Then focus on only that. Or go to your calendar and circle today. Today is the […]

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