The Burnt Fields

as written November 7, 2013 I asked the question, “Where in my heart has this trial been?” and instantly the imagery appeared: An endless vast field, burnt to the ground. The haze of orange fire on the horizon, smoke choking the sky and searing my lungs, driving my body to the ground. The sharp, pale, […]

Humbled And Head-Bowed

as written October 30, 2013 I am grieving the hiatus of my health. In mere moments, my entire world shrunk in scope to the size of one more spoonful of food I was terrified to eat. Trying to re-open to my once vast world from a rigid cocoon of loss and despair, has been almost […]

The Decision To Doctor

as written October 23, 2013 Dear Lord… It has been four weeks, four days and some-odd hours since I have been beset by this sickness. Add to that another two and half weeks before that feeling not-so-good, and we’ve got nearly two months of this. After trying as hard as I had inside me, and […]

Help Me

as written October 10, 2013 Dear Lord… What is wrong with me??? I thought I was getting better, and then last night happened. Worst hours in a week. Am I really getting better? I am giving everything I have to choosing faith over fear, and I am stronger than I was a couple weeks ago. […]

He Speaks For My Trees

as written October 2, 2013 Dear Lord, I come before you to ask a question: What story would you like me to tell? What story am I supposed to tell?…I feel the pull back to the writing of the book I’m supposed to write (from the story told through my website) seeping back through my […]

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