The Burnt Fields

as written November 7, 2013 I asked the question, “Where in my heart has this trial been?” and instantly the imagery appeared: An endless vast field, burnt to the ground. The haze of orange fire on the horizon, smoke choking the sky and searing my lungs, driving my body to the ground. The sharp, pale, […]


as read October 2, 2013 “My amazing HOYH sisters, I’m reaching out to you all at this time to ask for your help. Monica, Founder and rock of our program, who we miss so much since her move to the east coast, has been sick for the past few weeks, and has been very slow […]

To Be Poured Out

as written and received October 2, 2013 Oh, Monica. You picked such a day to share with me your struggle, and the beautiful redemption that comes to you from God, as you pour out your soul. YES… you need to grieve, all of it. You have walked away from a very hard-won, comfortable safe-haven. It […]

Goddesses In Flight

as written June 10, 2013 What can I say, except in pictures – how life affirming and heart changing this experience was. We hiked, wrote, ate, laughed, did yoga, played music, cried, ventured further inland, made Pastepaper journals, slept, and with my sister’s Music Therapy guidance wrote the words to this  and sang it. We […]

Sacred Purpose

as written March 5, 2013 of February’s HOYH I listened to newly re-married Hailee with rapt attention; about the emergence of her ‘crazy’ since the honeymoon phase is over, and her launch into the vortex (my analogy of sitting at the top of my ‘crazy’, looking down in, legs dangling, but choosing not to jump) […]

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