One Link At A Time

as read August 30, 2013 So. It’s the end of August. We’ve been in New York for a month, now…spending tons of time with family and with each other and looking for a place in Brooklyn for Nick to live. It has felt good to just…not have anywhere to be, to get up when we […]

In The Night

as written July 2, 2013 Last night I was overcome with anxiety so fierce and strong it took everything in me not to succumb to a full fledge anxiety attack. That’s never happened before. I’ve never been awoken in the middle of the night by feelings that I haven’t allowed myself to feel. Well…that changed. […]

“Let It Go,” She Said

as written April 25, 2013 As she hugged me goodbye at the end of the Yoga Therapy Teacher Training course just completed.¬†Aparigraha (letting go, essentially) has been my Yama since day one there… And all my chakras work was centered on the first – rooting. Grounding. And as I drove home, leaning on her encouragement, […]

Things That Go Bump In The Night

as written April 2, 2013 A lot of thoughts and feelings, these days. I find I am very open…not raw, per se…just – sensitively open. I am touched easily and often by gratitude and yet also my stress rises in a very unwelcome way. My place of work has become very high stress, so much […]

An Offering

as written January 31, 2013 One of my most favorite women and bloggers, Courtney Kendrick of sent out a request for posts about pornography addiction. I sent her one of my stories, and it was included in an amazing series that she posted during the month of February of 2013. The powerful and humbling […]

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