To Be Poured Out

as written and received October 2, 2013 Oh, Monica. You picked such a day to share with me your struggle, and the beautiful redemption that comes to you from God, as you pour out your soul. YES… you need to grieve, all of it. You have walked away from a very hard-won, comfortable safe-haven. It […]

Cross Country Grief

as written October 1, 2013 It just hit me, as I struggle daily now with a persistent depression (and my judgment of it), I am in grief. I am (at least part of this) is grieving my life I had, and that I no longer have it. I am grieving the established existence I created for myself, […]

One Link At A Time

as read August 30, 2013 So. It’s the end of August. We’ve been in New York for a month, now…spending tons of time with family and with each other and looking for a place in Brooklyn for Nick to live. It has felt good to just…not have anywhere to be, to get up when we […]

In The Night

as written July 2, 2013 Last night I was overcome with anxiety so fierce and strong it took everything in me not to succumb to a full fledge anxiety attack. That’s never happened before. I’ve never been awoken in the middle of the night by feelings that I haven’t allowed myself to feel. Well…that changed. […]

“Let It Go,” She Said

as written April 25, 2013 As she hugged me goodbye at the end of the Yoga Therapy Teacher Training course just completed. Aparigraha (letting go, essentially) has been my Yama since day one there… And all my chakras work was centered on the first – rooting. Grounding. And as I drove home, leaning on her encouragement, […]

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