The Decision To Doctor

as written October 23, 2013 Dear Lord… It has been four weeks, four days and some-odd hours since I have been beset by this sickness. Add to that another two and half weeks before that feeling not-so-good, and we’ve got nearly two months of this. After trying as hard as I had inside me, and […]

Cross Country Grief

as written October 1, 2013 It just hit me, as I struggle daily now with a persistent depression (and my judgment of it), I am in grief. I am (at least part of this) is grieving my life I had, and that I no longer have it. I am grieving the established existence I created for myself, […]

A New Descent

as written September 22, 2013 On the evening of September 19th, I got sick. Very, sick. There had been over a month of ever-increasing nausea and stomach issues, of which no answers or remedy had surfaced. That Saturday night, I seemed to fall from the crest of a wave, and my physical body railed against […]


as written October 27, 2012 Let’s get right down to brass tacks. My boyfriend’s family isn’t too keen about me. They found my blog and…don’t know me…and…I can see how that could be frightening and concerning from an outsiders perspective to read something so personal without knowing the person behind it. What DID affect me is […]

I Try

as written August 20, 2012 I can hold on and hold out through drugs and adultery and sexual abuse and emotional abuse and rape and lies and so much secrecy and shame and generations worth of darkness… And here, five years later I am filled with more wisdom and experience and healing and hope and […]

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