The Stay

After a month of sickness and soul-deep darkness that I couldn’t fight, all my body wanted to do was sleep. More and more, as I gave in to not eating or drinking. My body heated and sweat and cooled off, symptoms wracked through and my mind left me homeless on a street in a far […]

East Coast Summertime

as written end of July and August, 2013 After arriving back east and spending a couple days dropping off luggage at my friend’s home in Long Island (where I was going to be living), Nicholas and I headed north to Massachusetts for a family reunion in the quaint, gorgeous old fishing town of Gloucester. Fresh […]

Jackson Hole 2.0

as written July 5, 2013 Or rather, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 for all the times I’ve been there since my sister Katrina has been a white water rafting guide on the Snake River. But this time, I was showing Nick the ropes. He flew in Tuesday night July 2nd, and Wednesday morning we drove up to […]

A Picture On The Wall

as written July 2, 2013 I drove down and said goodbye to my ex-in-laws yesterday afternoon. And my ex-husband and step-son didn’t end up making the trip down. They didn’t answer their cell phones or respond…when they had committed to come. I was slightly hurt, but also realistic. I have loved and always will love their […]

Mary Oliver Laments

as read January 4, 2013 For Emma, dedicated to my aunt by one of her friends. One of the most moving pieces I’ve ever read: She would come back, dripping thick water, from the green bog. She would fall at my feet, she would draw the black skin from her gums, in a hideous and […]

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